Zeagold Nutrition
Producing New Zealand's Gold Standard Protein

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Child dipping food in egg yolk

Putting the perfect egg on the table isn't easy.
But that's what we do, day in and day out.

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    Zeagold Nutrition controls and manages every step in the process that sees more than 35 million dozen eggs leave our farms every year.

    We take day old chicks and rear them until they are ready to lay. We house our hens in the most modern barns in this country, designed to the highest standards of animal welfare and bird health. Free range hens spend their time outdoors, on farms where we’ve planted thousands of trees to provide an environment where hens are truly comfortable.

    We grow and mill grain that gives our hens the best feed for their development and optimum health.

    When the hens lay, we collect the eggs, quality check them, grade and stamp every individual egg with a unique code so it can be traced back to the farm it was laid and package them.

    Our shell eggs and processed egg products go to supermarkets, fast food outlets, hospitality venues and food manufacturers throughout New Zealand. They also go to the Pacific Islands and Asia, where they are prized as 'the best of the best'.

    So, while you may not know our name, you’ll know our brands. Farmer Brown and Woodland eggs are household names, while Zeagold processed egg products are mainstays of commercial kitchens and foodservice. As well, our Barnyard Feeds are the 'go to' for the poultry industry.

    Zeagold Nutrition, the egg producer that has only one standard. The gold standard.

    Our Brands