About us

Zeagold Foods is New Zealand's leading producer of eggs and egg products. We strive to provide consumers with the best egg products in the world. It's a goal we take seriously, monitoring each stage of the process - from the flock's feed source and management through to egg collection and further processing.

New Zealand's climate and natural surroundings lend themselves to producing quality agricultural products. Combine this with the country's geographic isolation and you have the world's safest environment for egg production.

Zeagold Foods is based in the Dunedin area of the South Island of New Zealand. The business built its base farm at Waikouaiti half an hour north of Dunedin in 1998. Since that time the business has grown through a combination of acquisition of existing farms and the building of further capacity, to now having production and distribution operations throughout the entire country.

Zeagold foods has one of the most modern poultry farms in Australasia designed by specialists from Europe and the USA. Every aspect of the production matrix has been carefully evaluated from biosecurity to bird welfare, human resource needs through to the environmental impact.

Zeagold branded products are now sold throughout New Zealand and also now as far away as Hong Kong and Singapore. Our company philosophy has always been to build a vertically integrated operation. In this way we are able to control and manage every element of the egg production process. This includes the growing of grain, the production of feed, rearing of day old chicks, egg laying, livestock health, grading and packing right through to the processing of egg products.

Because we have absolute control of all of these variables, Zeagold Foods can optimise the quality of the eggs and egg products produced. We are committed to quality and continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations.

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