Shell eggs

Zeagold sells its eggs under the market leading brands in New Zealand – WOODLAND and FARMER BROWN Each brand is the category leader in its respective segment -free range, colony, and cage-free (Barn) produced shell eggs in New Zealand.

Grading and Packing

At the main production sites, we use electronic graders which ensure precise weight grades are attained rather than weights being determined within a ‘band’, as with mechanical graders. Each shell egg is electronically weighed and graded by weight. It is then packed into cartons or trays which hold 6, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20 or 30 eggs. More »

Packaging is made from moulded paper fibre. We have quality checks and machine calibrations in place to ensure that the eggs packed for our customers meet the required standards for freshness and are fit for purpose through our Risk Management Program obligations.


Medium Grade Egg (5)
44 grams minimum per egg, 528 grams minimum per dozen.
Packaging: 15 dozen bundles (6 x 30 eggs to a tray).
Uses: Good for hamburgers, cooking in shell, poaching, and frying.

Standard Grade Egg (6)
53 grams minimum per egg, 636 grams minimum per dozen.
Packaging: 15 dozen bundle (6 x 30 eggs to a tray).
Uses: Ideal for any use, but especially desirable for separating yolks from whites, cooking in shell, poaching & frying.

Large Grade Egg (7)
62 grams minimum per egg, 744 grams minimum per dozen.
Packaging: 15 dozen bundle (6 x 30 eggs to a tray).
Uses: Good for omelette, scrambling & baking.

Jumbo Grade Egg (8)
68 grams minimum per egg, 816 gram minimum per dozen.
Packaging: 10 dozen bundle (6 x 20 eggs to a tray).
Uses: Good for omelettes, scrambling, baking, and used as an ingredient in other food.

Free Range - Mixed Grade
636 grams minimum per dozen.
Packaging: 15 dozen bundle (6 x 30 eggs to a tray).
Uses Ideal for any use, but especially desirable in cafés and hotel breakfast/lunches where eggs are an important ingredient on the menu.

The following are available

Grade Pack Size
5, 6 & 7 Half dozen, dozen & tray (30)
8 Half dozen, ten pack & tray (20)
Mixed Dozen
Free range Tray (30)

Nutritional information for standard shell eggs*

Serving size: 1 egg Size 5 Min 38g Size 6 Min 46g Size 7 Min 54g Size 8 Min 59g Mixed Ave 42g Per 100g
Energy 226 kJ 274 kJ 322 kJ 352 kJ 250 kJ 596 kJ
Protein 4.9 g 5.9 g 6.9 g 7.6 g 5.4 g 12.8 g
Fat Total
Carbohydrate total
Sodium 35mg 50mg 61mg 72mg 78mg 56mg 133mb

*Nutritional information is for edible portion

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Egg Laying

All our laying birds are managed to the highest welfare standards and must meet with the requirements of the Animal Welfare (Layer Hens) Code of Welfare 2012, which comes under the Animal Welfare Act 1999. More »

The output from our farms is well in excess of international benchmarks and our low mortality and high standards of animal welfare are the envy of other producers throughout the world.

Zeagold recognises that the growth and development of our pullets is a vital part in helping to deliver a quality fresh egg and so has in place a programme of daily checks and monitoring by trained competent staff. Our flocks are also independently checked and monitored by a vet on a monthly basis as part of stringent health requirements in order to export products to other countries such as Singapore.

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Bird Health

The health status of the New Zealand poultry flock is the envy of many other poultry sectors across the world. We are audited regularly by MPI along with international customers such as Woolworths, McDonald's, Goodman Fielder, and Heinz Watties. More »

We recognise that effective bio-security controls and measures are important across all points in the production chain to maintain the high health status that our birds enjoy. All of these measures help to ensure our birds remain healthy and produce a safe, quality egg.

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Where's my egg from?

Trace My Egg
Egg Stamping tells you exactly where your egg is from. You can trace the individually stamped code on your egg to find out which farm it came from here.

Please note: As we are phasing in the new stamping system, there may be some eggs which are unstamped for a period of time. More »

Trace My Egg

Egg Stamping

The two digits is the production type and the 3 digits is the farm code issued by the Egg Producers Federation (EPF)

CG = Cage
CL = Colony
BN = Barn
FR = Free Range

(Stamp location may be on top or side of egg depending on whether egg is stamped or inkjet-printed)

Farmer Brown Eggs

Farmer brown Egg Stamp
For example:

Farmer brown Egg Stamp

Woodland Free Range Eggs

Woodland Egg Stamp
The tree repesents the Woodland brand and inside the tree is the production type and farm code issued by the Egg Producers Federation (EPF).

Woodland Egg Stamp
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