Cooked egg

The term egg products refers to processed and convenience forms of eggs for foodservice and commercial kitchen use. Available in either chilled or frozen format. A combination of both food safety and convenience makes Zeagold egg products a good choice.

All Zeagold's pasteurised and ready to eat egg products are micro-tested and positively released prior to use.

Zeagold cooked egg products:

  • Egg spread
  • Hard-cooked peeled eggs

Zeagold's purpose built site in Auckland was commissioned in 2010. This significant investment has resulted in the implementation of world class equipment to enable processed product of a higher standard than was previously possible.

The quality of Zeagold's products has always been of prime importance to our company. From the feed through to the final egg product, we undertake a series of tests that monitor the quality of the end product our customers receive.

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Features and benefits

Ease of use Egg products are ready to use immediately, e.g.: speciality products like cooked peeled eggs that are ready to slice
Preparation and Convenience Equipment needs are minimal, clean up is simplified and, except for packaging materials, there is no waste for disposal
Economy  Egg products are one of the most economical protein sources available
Simple handling requirements Processed eggs are easy to handle, both in distribution and food manufacturing processes
Safety Zeagold processed eggs are produced to a high standard providing customers with total food safety assurance including 100% traceability from production through to delivery. Every batch is microtested and cleared prior to release.
Uniformity Egg products are produced to standard specifications to ensure consistent performance in formulations
Quality Indistinguishable from fresh eggs in nutritional value and flavour. These qualities are well retained if product is stored correctly
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