New Zealand’s Juice Pioneers

Many kiwis will remember the Feijoa and Grapefruit juice being delivered to them in a glass bottle by the milkman - fresh, natural and delicious. That’s how we derived our name – from the original “Pint o' Juice” – hence “Pinto”. Pinto has been part of our families for generations.

We’re committed to bringing to you the highest quality juices and drinks made from the finest fruits.

Zeagold Foods offers a range of Pinto fruit drinks and juices - ideal for restaurants, functions, events and venues, food manufacturers, rest homes and institutions.

The range consists of fruit concentrate flavours including our very popular Pinto Party Punch, fruit drink and fruit juice 100ml pottles - suitable for inflight caterers, hospitals and rest homes - and Viva Lemon Juice which is the perfect substitute for real lemons.

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